5 Tips for Snake Control in North Carolina

Snakes can cause a lot of problems in North Carolina, as they are found in both rural and urban settings. To prevent infestations or reduce existing populations, it is important to take proactive steps toward snake control. There are investigation measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Here are five tips for snake control in North Carolina:

1. Identify the Culprit

When creatures sneak into your area, it’s not for no reason. Identify what is attracting snakes to your property. Common attraction points include the following:

  • Food sources, such as bird feeders, pet food dishes, or open trash cans
  • Water sources like ponds and streams
  • Cluttered and overgrown yards with tall grasses and shrubs provide hiding places

Other attractive elements they’re drawn to can include decking, woodpiles, brush piles, debris of any kind, and pet doors.

2. Seal Entry Points

Like locking your doors to keep burglars out, you want to seal entry points snakes can slither their way into. Snakes can enter through tiny cracks and holes, so it’s important to seal any entry points that could be giving them access to your home like:

  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Gaps in window frames or door frames
  • Vents and air conditioners
  • Openings under decks or porches
  • Unscreened vents, pipes, or chimneys

3. Trap and Remove All Snakes in the Home

It is not recommended to try to trap and remove snakes yourself—this should be left to a professional. But here’s how the process usually goes:

  • Snakes are physically removed with snake tongs
  • They are safely relocated away from the home
  • If a venomous snake is found, those are captured and removed
  • Once all have been removed, the professional should check that any potential entry points are off to prevent further infestations.

4. Preventive Snake Control Measures

Snakes can be prevented from entering your home and yard by implementing some preventive measures, such as:

  • Maintaining a clean landscape with trimmed grass and cleared debris
  • Removing any food sources that may attract them
  • Adding screens or mesh to vents, pipes, chimneys, windows, and doors
  • Adding fencing or wall barriers
  • Installing thick brush piles away from your house
  • A physically applied deterrent
  • Pest control to help reduce the rodent and insect population around the home which is an attractive food source

5. Professional Snake Control Services

Hiring a professional pest control company can be the best way to handle snake control in North Carolina. A professional can help identify the source of attraction, provide snake removal and relocation services, and offer preventive measures to make sure your property stays pest-free.

But it’s not enough to hire just any pest control service, be sure to look for one that has experience dealing with snakes and that uses humane trapping methods.

Trust Terminix for Your Snake Control in North Carolina

At Terminix, we are committed to providing humane and effective solutions to your snake control problems. Our experienced technicians can help identify the source of attraction, remove all snakes in the home, and provide long-term preventative measures to keep them out.

Contact us today to experience snake control in North Carolina for yourself. We will take the necessary measures to ensure your home is protected from snake infestations.*

* We cannot keep all snakes away from a property as they are very transient, but Terminix can help with keeping them out of the home as well as apply repellents to keep them away from high traffic areas around the home