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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Chamber Treatment by Terminix®

Often found in small cracks near a bed or in comforters, bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on human blood and leave behind itchy welts in their wake. At Terminix®, we offer our clients from Tidewater, VA to Eastern NC complete protection against bed bugs and bed bug bites with heat chamber system treatments.

Complete Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our heat chamber system uses hot air to effectively kill bed bugs in all life stages, in hours.

Other aspects of our heat chamber treatment include:

  • Reduced use of pesticides
  • Insect-proof zippers
  • Carefully controlled temperatures
  • Large design ideal for bed springs, mattresses
  • Safe for leather, suede and artwork
  • Works well with encapsulation
  • Will not harm electronic equipment
  • Saves items difficult to replace

Whole-House Bed Bug Heat Treatments – Get the Facts

While many tout whole-house bed bug heat treatment as the ultimate means to kill bed bugs, we feel that the high costs, unreasonable prep time, inconvenience to homeowners, and the lack of residual treatments that help prevent future infestations don’t represent a good value for our customers.

Other downsides to whole-house bed bug heat treatments include:

  • No residual effect: A whole-house bed bug heat treatment leaves no residual effect. After the temperature cools, bed bugs can move in again with no protection against them.
  • Uneven heat transfer & cool spots: Construction type and building components can lead to uneven heat transfer and cool spots that render the whole-house bed bug heat treatment ineffective in those areas, thus leading to another infestation.
  • Timely & expensive: Whole-house bed bug heat treatment equipment represents a large capital investment and takes a considerable amount of time to perform properly, making most whole-house heat treatments expensive.

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