Customer Reviews

I would like to take the time to thank you for giving us such great service here at Carver Pond Apartments. Your Pest Technician Christopher Mitchell has provided us with excellent service over the last few months. Christopher is such a great help to us in providing helpful information so that we can better serve our residents here at Carver Pond. Durham, NC

Vickie White
Assistant Manager

Terminix has consistently offered our apartment complex reliable, competent service. We are completely satisfied with their knowledgeable representative who is always punctual and does a superior job for us every time. Chapel Hill, NC

Nancy C. Riley
Leasing Associate

This letter is to say how pleased we are here at Morreene West Apartments with your services. We are very pleased with the technician, Christopher. He does a great job. Durham, NC

Carolyn Anderson
Resident Manager

My Terminix tech Scott is the best! He is professional, courteous and absolutely thorough about his job. Thank you for sending such a blessed tech to my house. Hamlet, NC

Dot Janus

I am a Terminix customer and have been for many years in my current house and in others. Relationships such as these can be awkward as they require that employees routinely visit and sometimes come in the house. But I have to say that your employee Chris has done in excellent job in this regard.

It is unusual to find an employee that can be authentically nice — not simply positive or polite for the sake of business. It is even more unusual to find such a person that can be so professional, knowledgeable and willing to help. In Chris, you have all these characteristics. He has been my account representative for several years now and after his most recent visit where he continued to demonstrate this high level of professionalism, I felt compelled to relay these observations to you. I suspect that too often these day, the letters you receive are complaints — given Chris’ performance, I wanted to be sure you were aware of his excellent work as well. I hope you see the value of his efforts.

Sean Lacroix
Virginia Beach, VA

Let me begin by telling you the reason we selected Terminix.

In the process of building our new home, a Terminix representative came over and introduced himself to us in the pouring rain. He was a perfect gentleman — even laying boards to the front door so we could walk in without getting muddy.

About 3 or 4 months ago, I was moving the refrigerator in our garage and found piles of something…and it was moving!!!! I immediately called Terminix and told the receptionist that I had a problem and needed someone to come IMMEDIATELY! Within 15 or 20 minutes, Shane Barnes showed up and informed me that what I had was fire ants. He quickly dispensed of them and proceeded to spray outside and inside the garage. Thanks to him and Terminix, our problem was solved.

Because of the fine service, we have referred other people to Terminix. Thank you very much for your service.

C.G. Campbell

We have been satisfied Terminix customers for about one year now. In 2003, we built our house and purchased termite and pest coverage with another company. In 2010, we decided to get a free home inspection from Terminix and we were glad we did.

When Jeremy Dowless came to our house to complete the inspection, we were amazed by what he found. The moisture level under our house was around 80%. Jeremy sat us down, explained all about moisture levels and what would happen if we didn’t take action. Jeremy was very thorough, helpful and informative. He gave us the information we needed to make an educated decision about how to handle our moisture problem. He never pressured us and even took us under the house to show us exactly what he was talking about. As a result, we purchased a Santa Fe dehumidifier. Within 2 weeks, our moisture was under 19% again.

Without a doubt, Jeremy and Terminix saved our home. For this we are eternally grateful! Elizabethtown, NC

Larry And Kim Johnson

I would like to say that I am pleased with the service I received from my technician, Danny Phillips. Danny services the inside, outside and crawl space of my home. I feel he is efficient and does his job well. When I had a problem with ants, he took care of that. I also have not had any more problems with mice.

Danny is a good person, which makes him a good technician. Good technicians like Danny are what helps make Terminix a successful company. Sanford, NC

Beckie M. Martin

Today I met Dana at Terminix in Broadway. She was so very nice and helpful to me. She is the type of person who just makes you feel good. I also met Don who was very nice and helpful too. I’m just glad I went to them for help – they are the best! Sanford, NC

E. Cummings

I have been a Terminix customer for ten years, and I have always valued the customer service shown to me by the technicians. They have always been great about informing me of the services provided. Terminix employees make me feel as if I am the only customer they have, by never rushing and by making me feel important. I will be a Terminix customer for life. Sanford, NC

Arnold K.

Just a quick note to commend Terminix and especially our account service tech, Troy Hill. Troy is always courteous and professional. His thorough treatment of our facility has insured we remain “bug free.” Thank you for this valuable service. Raleigh, NC

Dina S. Flores

Thanks for sending such an objective young man to my home to combat a growing pest control problem. I appreciated the fact that he was thorough in his approach and did his job with professionalism, courtesy and tact. He crawled into a very small attic area which was hot and dark, but kept me up on his findings and methodically serviced each point of reference I furnished. This is a good quality and is always appreciated by your customers. Chesapeake, VA

MR. Larry M. Needham

I spoke to you today regarding the great service I received from Terminix employee Carlton Stephens. This was a second follow-up visit to our yearly termite inspection during which termites had been found and treated. We had been advised on each visit that there was wood in our crawl space that the termites were feeding on and it needed to be removed in order to protect our house. As life is busy, and when a project such as this one is out of sight, it becomes easily out of mind as well. So Carlton let us know for a third time that the wood was there and there were termites on it.

We had completely forgotten about it and so I promised I would make sure my husband got it out right away (I was in my 8th month of pregnancy at the time, otherwise I would have been out there myself). Carlton said he’d go treat the area, and I promised a big note on the fridge to my husband to make sure it didn’t get forgotten about again. When Carlton was done, he gave me my paperwork and said he went ahead and removed the wood for us, but couldn’t haul it away. I was puzzled, but thanked him and off he went. When my husband came home and pointed to this huge pile of wood out our kitchen window, my jaw dropped. I had no idea how much wood was under the house – it was enough though that we were taken back by Carlton’s willingness to volunteer this service, that we knew was not his responsibility, especially bending over in a crawl space to get to it. We asked Carlton to come back so we could give him a tip for his service and thank him again for all that he did for us – he went above and beyond any expectation we had. We also thought it was worth telling you what a valuable employee you have, one who cares about his customers and their homes and goes the extra mile. Thank you so much!! Raleigh, NC

Kristina And Steve Solloway

I am pleased with my Terminix service — they come when they say they will, they answer all of my questions and are very polite to my child (who always wants to follow and ask questions)! Thanks for keeping my family and home safe from bugs. Castle Hayne, NC

Myra Taylor

Mr. Jody Fleming came by as my pest control rep. Mr. Fleming is very professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. He explained my contract and made sure that I understood it. As a Terminix customer, the joy of having pleasant service means a lot. My hat goes off to Mr. Jody Fleming!! Thank you! Durham, NC

Barbara Webb

I am so pleased with the service we’ve received! Before Terminix came in, we had a severe pest problem. After switching to Terminix, we have seen no insects or mice whatsoever. So glad we switched! Your staff really seems to care about the job they do. – Fayetteville, NC

MS. Hawley

I take this opportunity to inform you that I am pleased with Mr. Ray McNair and his approach to providing service per my contract on 5-18-11. He was courteous, skillful and responsive to my questions. He placed a cover on his shoes as he entered my house. – Newport News, VA

Gus Owens

I just had to let you know that the exterior “Webster” and pesticide treatment performed at my Smithfield banking center last fall is STILL WORKING!! The mobile engineer had a visit scheduled today so I asked him to relay any maintenance issues I needed to be concerned with. I fully expected Roger to tell me that the spider webs were back and covering the entire building entrance again, but all areas are still TOTALLY CLEAR of buggy debris.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you and Terminix for taking such wonderful care of me and my portfolio!

Kim Steverson
Property Manager

I have been a Terminix customer for 17 years. Needless to say, I have never had a serious insect problem. A number of service representatives have been to my home over the years. What makes Terminix so exceptional is these representatives. They are professional, courteous, friendly, engaging and patient. I am not speaking about one or two people. Every one is the best I have ever seen. Terminix is obviously not just a job for them. I cannot think of another service company that compares. If someone asked me how to improve Terminix, I am sure I could think of nothing. Thank you for being such an exceptional company.  Cary, NC

Bob Bland

I write to compliment you on having Carlos Bailon, a Sales Inspector and an exceptional employee, on your staff. In two areas, he excels. First, as a resident of the North End, I have had several companies check out whether I had roof rats. Carlos was the first person to present evidence and to properly diagnose the problem. He came and assessed the situation last week. Second, Carlos came over and sealed the door upon hearing my complaint of roof rats on or over the door last night. On a Sunday night, this hard- working man drove thirty minutes to help me. I will happily recommend him as I already have to my neighbors.

Please know that Carlos Bailon represents your company very well. He is well spoken, caring, and very committed to service. You are indeed seen as local rather than as remote nationwide company by having someone who cares about his (your) customers. Virginia Beach, VA

Lynn Zoll

I wanted to let you know how responsive and helpful your serviceman Marvin was to my family. My husband had gone hunting and managed to bring home ticks on his clothing, which we found in the house that evening. I was very concerned about Lyme Disease, as we have a 4-week-old infant in the house, and immediately called for a home visit.

Though it was late afternoon on a Friday, our serviceman, Marvin Dalton, called me back immediately and arranged to come by that evening to treat my house, no doubt sacrificing time with his own family. Marvin is always extremely professional, volunteers information about what products he is using and how they may affect the baby and our pets. He is meticulous in every aspect of his job.

I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate his work and will stay with Terminix because of Marvin’s excellent customer service skills. Virginia Beach, VA

Deann Hanes

I oversee 2,700 apartment units in the Triangle and we have had several infestations in the past couple of years. I never felt confident about our provider’s ability to assure us that the units were bug-free.

My first personal experience with Rick Wade and Jack, one of the canine division’s superstar dogs, was during a recent move. I contracted Jack to come to my home and inspect the moving van prior to my belongings being loaded. Jack detected bed bugs and visual inspection by Mr. Wade confirmed it. The truck was treated prior to the move and my wife and I were relieved.

We scheduled a demonstration at one of my communities and were so impressed we changed pest control providers. Terminix and its canine unit is the only operator that gives me confidence that we are providing an uncontaminated home for our new residents. Our first round of inspections identified one questionable unit out of dozens and we were able to treat the unit and confirm success prior to moving a new person in.
I look forward to working with the industry leader in pest solutions. I know my residents will as well. Fuquay Varina, NC

Ken Sherman
Camden Properties

I want to express our appreciation for the work completed by Terminix at our home. All the representatives that came to our home were most professional.

Sal Spinelli and Jody Fleming explained all the services and went over everything in detail. The workmen who came were timely and most pleasant. They went about their work without delay.

Thank you once again. Should we have needs in the future, I am certain we will contact Terminix.  Durham, NC

Ronney And Catherine Earp

I have done business with Terminix now for many years, both with my work location and my personal residence. Terminix has always provided excellent service with immediate results. They have also been accommodating to us anytime we have needed to cancel and reschedule an appointment. Service technicians are always very friendly and knowledgeable of their products. We are very pleased with the quality of the service we have received. Jacksonville, NC

Sandy Pope

We wanted to make the manager aware of the fine service we received yesterday from your technician, Wilson Bateman, who installed our moisture barrier.  Wilson did a thorough and very professional job.  If we had a business of our own we would hire him today!!!!  Elizabeth City, NC

MR. And MRS. Sharon Sullens

The Pest Tech, Brandon Terry is really great and does an excellent job and I am very pleased with his work. I would love to keep this tech as long as possible.  Clinton, NC

Dr. John Roberts

My termite service was done very professionally. The termite tech, David Cobb, did the job like it was his own home and for that, I will always be a Terminix customer.   Goldsboro, NC

Eric Hobbs

Chris has been coming to our house to do our quarterly pest control, and he does an outstanding job.

He is thorough and is very knowledgable in what he does. He has been very helpful and has answered our questions. He is courteous and friendly, yet professional.

We commend him, and we are very glad to have him taking care of our services. Please pass along to Chris out appreciation for the excellent job he does.

Marguerite & Paul Leathers

Our technician has done a great job the last three times he was at our home. The roach infestation was taken care of immediately.  We really appreciate all he has done for us!

Joanne S.

Cheers and thank you to the Terminix employees Charles Wade, Chris Glatuono and Kevin Nolan for responding and taking care of the problem at my home recently. They gave immediate and personal attention to making sure the job was done properly and in a timely manner.  Having been a Terminix customer for many years, I will remain a satisfied customer due to their level of service.

Helen F.

Tracey Smith has been our main Terminix technician for several years. She is thorough, friendly and takes the time to talk to us about what she is doing if we are home. I have found her to be a very pleasant person and we are glad that she takes care of us. She is an excellent representative.  She is extremely professional, and she is one of the reasons why we continue to use Terminix for both our termite inspections and monthly insect applications. She is the type of person that gives your company a good name!

Chris L.