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RALEIGH Flea Control

Home Flea Control and Flea Prevention from Terminix®

Protect Your RALEIGH, NC Home from Fleas

More than a nuisance, fleas pose serious health risks. In Raleigh, NC, the warm climate makes it easy for fleas to thrive. These pests can transmit diseases like plague and murine typhus and host tapeworms that affect both pets and humans. Keeping your home flea-free is essential for your family’s health.

For over 80 years, Terminix® has been Raleigh’s go-to for flea control. Our experts use advanced technology to treat and prevent infestations, ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable. Trust Terminix® to protect your family and pets with our tailored flea control solutions.

How terminix controls fleas and solves your problem in raleigh, nc

Our flea treatment is so powerful, it usually works in one application. Your personal Terminix® flea exterminator will not only treat your home for fleas, they will take proven flea prevention steps and provide tips to ensure they don’t come back.

Just follow these easy pre-treatment steps for our powerful home flea control:

  • Floors & carpets in treatment area must be vacuumed prior to treatment
  • All toys and other objects must be picked up in treatment area prior to treatment
  • All people & pets must be out of the area to be treated
  • Our products kill the fleas & have growth regulators built into them, so fleas get gone and stay gone!


Don’t let fleas take over your Raleigh, NC home. Be aware of these common signs of an infestation::

  • Check your pets: Look for excessive scratching, redness, or visible fleas on their fur
  • Inspect your home: Fleas can be found in carpets, bedding, and furniture
  • Monitor bites: Flea bites often appear in clusters and can cause itching and irritation
  • White sock test: Fleas are attracted to warmth and movement and will jump onto the socks, making them easy to spot
  • Tracks: dusty footprints or tail marks
  • Your yard: Check shady, moist areas where your pets spend time

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To learn more about our Raleigh, NC home flea treatment methods, call 1-800-BUGS-911 (800-284-7911) to schedule a free initial consultation today, or use our location finder to find your nearest office!

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